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This is an incredibly old document (from around year 2000) thought up by SW Comit and Syntax. It was originally just a txt file that we distributed to people but now it has been ported over to the Academy, out of obscurity. It is basically a list of ten things that one should do when starting a town in Active Worlds. Enjoy!


  1. "One word: committment. If there's one thing I don't like, it's people leaving they're town because it's not moving along fast enough. If your going to start a serious town you need to know what your getting into to: Long term committment. Most towns really don't start picking up untill they're well developed, so you might have to rough it alone for awhile, and when people start to leak into your town they'll see how good it is and you can start from there."
  2. "Township involves good building, so if you want to impress your visitors, strive to be a good builder. Try new things out, learn what exactly objects are for.
  3. "Make a town square (or GZ). Town squares are a town's first impression, so you should really try to make this one of your best builds. It can't just be some 1 day thing, it should be a well thought out detailed area. Be sure it's informative."
  4. "For the love of Enzo, cover you land! There is nothing more frustrating than someone building on open land where you planned to build! In case you run into garbage or vandal, you can get GET (Garbage Elimination Team) to help, but it takes a couple weeks. A nice town permitter is handy too."
  5. "Get your town known! There's many advertisements organizations out there willing to help (see below for links). The more people see your town's name the more likely they'll go there. A nice logo, slogan, and website helps too."
  6. "Get YOURSELF known. A good town involves a good mayor. Chat with the people at AW GZ, try to meet other mayors and organization leaders. You can get your name listed for various reasons at certian websites (see below)."
  7. "If your going for a high populated town, don't limit your citizens limit (like lot limitations). People have hundreds of towns to choose so if they pick yours you should treat them like kings."
  8. "Remember, the town just isn't about getting a ton of builders. Work on it a bit and grow to like the town. Grow to like building! You must do something 21 times for it to become a habit! Lots of people are more impressed with building style and the city size rather than its population."
  9. "Being a good leader involves your understanding of AW. Learn about it's history, current events, it's people, memorize the objects and textures, stay current with the software abilities."
  10. "Let's face it. Your bound to run into "bad builders" every now and then. Give them some tips on how to build. You might want to type up a list of tips and publish it. I did (see below)."

Keep your roads straight and lined up, experiment. Avoid any type of grassing overlap in the starting stages of the town. A small overlap at the get go will send a ripple that you will always regret right through your town. Watch your animated textures, they take up cell space and can look unsightly since not many match. Also, technical builds are great (that being things like a paintball arena, or bot controlled games)."

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