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This pack includes a generic Bob-omb facing south when placed. The pack includes two "rotation cubes" to rotate the Bob-omb as you please as soon as it is placed (see instructions below).

Base Object Instructions

Place the base object where you want the center of the Bob-omb to be.

Alternate Colors

The default Bob-omb body comes with a black-body picture. To use alternate colors, change the number on the end of the picture URL (eg. bobomb1.jpg).

  • bobomb1.jpg: black
  • bobomb2.jpg: dark blue
  • bobomb3.jpg: hot pink
  • bobomb4.jpg: light green
  • bobomb5.jpg: pink

Rotation Cubes

To properly rotate the Bob-omb on it's correct axis, select the objects in the following order:

  1. Select one outer rotation cube
  2. Select entire Bob-omb
  3. Select remaining rotation cube

The Bob-omb should now rotate normally. Delete the rotation cubes once finished.


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