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Articles relating to Active Worlds
Help with Objects, Textures, Masks, Coronas, Movers, Avatars, Sequences and more.
Guides on how to do various things in Active Worlds
Graphics, ads and sounds for use.
Downloadable AWG's, Particles, Movers and Building Code

Resources (...)

SW City Network

The Toolbox is a place where you can get pre-built buildings in propdump form, preset particles or pre-written building action code for your own personal use. All of these are for use within a world using or having the standard AlphaWorld objects.

Note: Headers suffixed with (SWI) contain SW City Interactive links, and require a (free) SW City interactive account to use to their full effect. These AWGs contain interactive links that make your builds "do" things, such as host characters, shops, and games.

Object Groups (AWGs)

View FAQ here
Download AWG Pack here (1/15/07)


Detailing - General

Detailing - Indoor

Detailing - Outdoor



Ornaments / Trinkets



SW City Interactive (AWGs)

Activity Packs

Characters / NPCs



Particles (AWPs)

Right click -> save target as...

Building Techniques

Building Action Code

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