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Articles relating to Active Worlds
Help with Objects, Textures, Masks, Coronas, Movers, Avatars, Sequences and more.
Guides on how to do various things in Active Worlds
Graphics, ads and sounds for use.
Downloadable AWG's, Particles, Movers and Building Code

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SW City Network

Here you can find links to places to find ready-to-use media, such as graphics and sound, to add to your building in-world.


Assorted textures used around SW City.
Advertisements for SW City related businesses and products.
The graphics in this directory were designed to be used for general purpose.
  • Doors
  • Magazines
  • Paintings
  • Vents
This php script allows you to create custom signs on-the-fly, with its own font and style.


An index of sound effects or ambient noise for AW.
An index of sound effects websites. Some are free and some you have to purchase.


A bot by Absolute Monarch that allows users to communicate from remote areas.
A mod made by Hyper Anthony that revamps the User Guide found in the tabs menu.


This page randomly picks photos from cities all over the world, useful if your seeking inspiration.
This page will generate a random name based on a few settings. Useful if your looking for a unique name for your project.
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