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Articles relating to Active Worlds
Help with Objects, Textures, Masks, Coronas, Movers, Avatars, Sequences and more.
Guides on how to do various things in Active Worlds
Graphics, ads and sounds for use.
Downloadable AWG's, Particles, Movers and Building Code

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SW City Network


An advanced guide to applying ambience and sound effects to a build.
A lesson in how to do AAA scripting.
A technique to sync AAA sequences between users.
A simple checklist of things you may add to a building to make it "fully loaded".
A breakdown on how to go about coordinating interiors and exteriors.
A guide for all you urban planners... turning your roads from simple property markers into realistic superhighways.
Quick guide showing you how to select 1024 objects max instead of 128 max.
A guide for those interested in creating realistic structures.


An ongoing series of tips and tricks to save precious cell space.
The definitive guide for builders looking to keep lag to a minimum.
A small guide on getting the most out of your emitters.


Some ideas by Xgf for detailing your city.
This guide by Hyper Anthony details how to landscape around lots in your city.
This is a guide to help speed of the growth of your city.
Based on personal experience, here's a 2006 guide by SW Comit for running a town in AW.
Top Ten Tips to Township! A very old guide written by SW Comit and Syntax back in 2000.

Other Guides

AbMo Phonebot crap.
Some tips when taking important screenshots in AW.
How to keep your .awg clumps under control.
A guide on how to make maps using Mapview.
A guide explaining how to create your own SW City Interactive style characters.
Various aworld.ini adjusments you can make to change the browser.
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